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COC ( Certificate of Conformity ) is an administrative document standard that is globally established by manufacturers , and shows the characteristics of a motor vehicle and general compliance with the standards of the country where it was manufactured . Called " European certificate of conformity " in the European Economic Area , it appeared in 1993 , was made compulsory from year 96 and ensures compliance with European regulations for safety and pollution. The COC is essential (Directive 70/156/EEC ) to register a new vehicle imported from a foreign country. It is supplied by the dealer and will in the case of a vehicle EEC quick identification by the french prefecture by the procedure called     "reception communautaire ."

The Community harmonization Directive 92/53/EEC was proposed in 1992 to facilitate the resale of used vehicles in the European Community. It states that from 1 January 1996 , the EC type-approval (registration ) in a Member State of a passenger vehicle is deemed to certify compliance in all other states of the community in case of resale . The license shall be issued upon presentation of COC and other regulatory documents in force . This directive applies only to passenger vehicles of type M1 ( transport maximum eight people seated + driver) . In fact, France has not really enforce this law until 2003 after a complaint to the European authorities by the Euro Info Consumers Association .

The rule of " EEC type-approval " or " receiving community " is effective in France for passenger cars in circulation in 1996 in Europe. Before that date, the reception will be through identification with a national standard . In this case, the procedure may be more difficult. The dealer may in some cases provide a " certificate of identification to a French national standard " or a certificate of correspondence to a model already approved in France .

Our company, COC EUROPE, verifies that all certificates of conformity which come from our official suppliers feature anti- copy security. They are therefore valid in all European countries.


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